Free Wintry Still Backgrounds

The leaves have fallen for another season and the weather is changing, once again. People start digging out the winter boots, snow shovels, and fine all the stink bugs and dead flies that have been collecting in the sheds and attics.

Filming Winter Trees with DJI Mavic 2

Switching between the picture and video modes on the drone, capturing high resolution images would come in handy.

Creating Trees in Photoshop | EP 11

Learn how to create incredible trees in Photoshop for any season, and then animated them in Adobe After Effects using the effect, Turbulent Displace.

5 Free Autumn Tree PNGs

Autumn comes around and everyone comes scrambling first of all, for their spice pumpkin latte. A few weeks later, the fall decorations get dug out of the attic, and then, finally, a sudden panic sets in. The fall play is here and you need to create the programs. The harvest offering at church is here and you need an autumn background for the live production. The party at your friends house needs invites and you go running to the nearest Dollar Store for cheap cards. As Kevin O’Leary would say on Shark Tank, “stop the madness.”  Those are all great things that require graphics and sometimes, getting those graphics can be very hard to get without an expensive subscription plan. So I have tried to make it slightly easier in 2 ways. First, their are lots of free motion backgrounds that are readily available for download. Second, below are 5 high resolution images that already come with built in alpha channels. For those that may not know how cool that it is, that basically means that you will not have to waste time getting rid of the white background that accompany so many stock images. Simply download the image and drop it on top of your background graphic and done!

Comparing Trapcode Particular to Stardust | EP 10

Trapcode Particular has long been seen as industry standard for incredible particle systems and complicated particle effects. It is tough to master, although, very straight forward.

Using Mavic Pro 2 To Create Motion Backgrounds | EP 9

When it’s winter out and all the color of spring, summer and fall has faded, the earth in the northern hemisphere turns a bleak, desaturated brown.

Optics Compensation and Saber in After Effects | EP 8

In this episode of, we take a look at 5 incredible motion background After Effects templates and dive deeper into the plugins that make the magic.

Using Audio Spectrum in After Effects | EP 7

In this motion background episode, several adobe after effects plugins get examined, including Optical Flares, Radio Waves, Audio Spectrum, and Turbulent Displace.