In this episode of, we take a look at 5 incredible motion background After Effects templates and dive deeper into the plugins that make the magic.

Also, a new segment to the show is added that could put money back in your pocket. Optics Compensation is an often over-looked After Effects plugin that doesn’t serve many purposes, however when used creatively, can create some interesting looks. When the field of view is increased and the reverse lens distortion settings are tweaked, amazing things can happen. What was once a plugin primarily used for fitting footage and images onto a warped tv screen from the nineties, is now a fascinating, overlooked plugin that had a large influence on the progression of these motion backgrounds.

Along with Trapcode Particular and Video Copilot’s Saber plugin, mixing together combinations of these plugins with some Turbulent Displace sprinkled in, it isn’t hard to find the options are limitless.

Take a look at these backgrounds closer and download these video loops in 4K and HD resolutions.

Finally, a new segment to the show is added called the Wheel of Motion. A person who qualifies for $25 Amazon gift card will be selected and featured in the next show.