Filming Winter Trees with DJI Mavic 2

Switching between the picture and video modes on the drone, capturing high resolution images would come in handy.

Creating Trees in Photoshop | EP 11

Learn how to create incredible trees in Photoshop for any season, and then animated them in Adobe After Effects using the effect, Turbulent Displace.

Comparing Trapcode Particular to Stardust | EP 10

Trapcode Particular has long been seen as industry standard for incredible particle systems and complicated particle effects. It is tough to master, although, very straight forward.

Using Mavic Pro 2 To Create Motion Backgrounds | EP 9

When it’s winter out and all the color of spring, summer and fall has faded, the earth in the northern hemisphere turns a bleak, desaturated brown.

Optics Compensation and Saber in After Effects | EP 8

In this episode of, we take a look at 5 incredible motion background After Effects templates and dive deeper into the plugins that make the magic.

Using Audio Spectrum in After Effects | EP 7

In this motion background episode, several adobe after effects plugins get examined, including Optical Flares, Radio Waves, Audio Spectrum, and Turbulent Displace.

Free Wintry Still Backgrounds

The leaves have fallen for another season and the weather is changing, once again. People start digging out the winter boots, snow shovels, and fine all the stink bugs and dead flies that have been collecting in the sheds and attics.

5 Free Autumn Tree PNGs

Autumn comes around and everyone comes scrambling first of all, for their spice pumpkin latte. A few weeks later, the fall decorations get dug out of the attic, and then, finally, a sudden panic sets in.

Deciding When To Throw Away Footage

The location is scouted. The appointments are made and the talent is on the way. The sun slowly rises revealing a picture-perfect landscape as the shot list starts getting shorter.  At the end of the day, not everything filmed is going to be useable. Factors such as focus, composition, brightness and detail all play a […]

How to Change Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

It has taken us absolutely no time at all to familiarize ourselves with the world of online video calls. It seems that there are dozens of platforms that instantly popped up over night when addressing communication problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the more tech save people, this wasn’t a hard adaptation, but merely […]

Motion Backgrounds used in Live Show – Nailtabuous Eps. 2

It’s not every day that you create something and then see it pop up on a concert stage, a rock band backdrop, a church production, or even a live youtube show. We know it happens all the time due to the thousands of downloads each week, but we’re talking people in over 100 countries downloading […]

Love, Kennedy, The Movie

In the movie by T.C. Christensen, Love, Kennedy, Kennedy Hansen is a funny, loving child, she inexplicably begins to fall ill. It takes years for the diagnosis: Juvenile Batten Disease – an extremely rare, terrible and terminal prognosis. There is no cure for Batten Disease, and after living only 16 years, Kennedy leaves behind a […]

Seconds Out Productions Beats

Custom beats and music can be difficult to find given the complexity of so many options available. All the music starts to sound exactly the same. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to find music that hasn’t been used on every single commercial, or music that knows how to stand out and catch the listening ear?

What Do Different Video Resolution Sizes Mean?

What is Video Resolution? Video resolutions can be very confusing with so much terminology being thrown into the market place in such a short period of time. Interlaced, progressive, downsampling, display resolution, and pixel aspect ratios are several examples, just to name a few. What does video resolution mean and how does it affect the […]

Shure SM7B Microphone

When producing a video and recording the audio, the sensible solution is to look up the cheapest Rhode shotgun mic and attach it to the hot shoe of the DSLR camera. That is fine if you are producing a elementary highlight video of their field day, but the more shooting and recording you do, the […]

Red Giant – Trapcode Particular 4.0

Red Giant released it’s newest version of Trapcode Particular a few months ago. I decided to purchase it and see what improvements were made to the current version, and what additional options were added. While the previous version had all the main capabilities to create complex particle systems, it wasn’t until this new release that […]

Using a Color Checker Passport for Accurate Coloring in Post Production

In the video production world, gear is important. New pieces of equipment are vital in order to upgrade, or resupply failing or aging gear. Having every piece of gear is nearly impossible for most film producers, so hard choices have to be made when deciding what gear to buy. Budgets are real things and with […]

DJI Mavic Air: A New Era in Aeria Photography

DJI has been leading the aerial drone industry for several years already, and now they have really set themselves apart from the competition. Featuring one of their newest products, the DJI Mavic Air is one the most portable, ergonomic, and strategically built aircraft to take to the skies.

What is a motion background?

Motion Backgrounds are modern ways of adding excitement behind text or graphics to create movement.

Where can I get moving backgrounds? has thousands of free motion backgrounds and video loops that are completely royalty free and ready to download for free.

How do I make a motion background?

Motion Backgrounds can be made using any program that accepts a video file. Anything can be used as a background, so simply grab a few seconds of video, or get more creative by using Adobe After Effects, or another video editing software program.

How do you add a background to presentation software?

The standard format for motion backgrounds is Mp4, so any presentation software that accepts that format will import these types of backgrounds. strictly uses Mp4 codecs to make sure all the motion backgrounds are compatible with the latest presentation software.