Looking for the perfect image of all can be challenging. Sometimes creating it yourself can be easier, if you know a few tricks in order to do that. In this motionbolt.com episode, I show you how to create fall trees in photoshop, using all different metrics for creative designs. Branch width, shape, height, color, leave type, and many other aspect to the tree.

Then, exporting that tree as a png image will allow anyone to take that graphic and overlay it on top of another image to create a custom look. It’s simple, and powerful, but few take advantage of this powerful tool.

The second part of the episode focusses more on importing these fall trees into After Effects and learning how to make them appear as if they are blowing in the wind, using a great effect called Turbulent Displace.  Finally, catch a behind the scenes look at some of the most popular fall backgrounds created.

Download lots of autumn tree PNG graphics here.