There are impulses that can be good, and impulses that can get people in trouble. The not-so-good impulses: Let’s see who can drink the whole 2 liter first”, “Sure your pets can stay with me for the week,” and of course the, “Roulette is a 50/50. Throw it all down on red.”  Those types of impulses are fun, yet they are usually followed by consequences that are less pleasant.

However, there are good impulses too that can yield beneficial rewards. Like waking up, looking out the window, and realizing the whole outside is covered in a thick sheet of ice, making nature look magical, and surreal. First thought on my mind was not sticking to what I was supposed to do that day, but, getting the drone out and grabbing a few aerials. Using the Mavic 2 Pro, I flew it out to a nearby set of trees and started capturing a few images.

The sun was just starting to break through the clouds slightly, creating a glintage sort of look on the trees. Flying the drone around the forest for a while, I settled in on a few angles and started recording. The trees swayed gently in the breeze making sure that is wasn’t going to look too much like a still image. After a few minutes of recording, I watched it back and was very happy with the results.

Switching between the picture and video modes on the drone, capturing high resolution images would come in handy. The sun was starting to fade and the glintage, as I have started calling it, was fading fast. That was the only time that entire the sun was out. And by evening, all the ice had melted off the trees.

The lesson here is that sometimes things can wait to capture what is going to be fleeting fast. The work I had to do would still be there, however, the nature shots wouldn’t. There as a small window of time to grab those shots, and if you always say no to those impulses, you might miss some great opportunities. Download the Ice Forest clip here: