When it’s winter out and all the color of spring, summer and fall has faded, the earth in the northern hemisphere turns a bleak, desaturated brown.

However, then comes the crisp wintry snow storms that bring with it a bright color contrast with blue water, creating a stunning, dynamic contrast. What isn’t always visible from the grown is sometimes revealed from the air. Using the DJI Mavic 2 Pro aerial drone to collect a variety of angles and shots of winter, in this episode we take a quick peak at how it was filmed and the conditions surrounding its creation.

What is also important to realize is that people live all over the world. While it isn’t feasible to travel to all the areas to collect footage of different landscapes, due to the modern conveniences of the internet, paying people who live in different areas to collect the footage for you works just as well. With nearly 50+ new wintry mountain motion background images, we get  sneak peak at a few of the new backgrounds coming out and a creative way to re-use older backgrounds and repurpose them into new backgrounds. Instead of recreating from scratch, sometimes blending two backgrounds together, creates a brand new background. Using motion backgrounds in the right context not only adds excitement to your project, choosing the right background can be the different between someone watching your video, or moving on to the next one.