The leaves have fallen for another season and the weather is changing, once again. People start digging out the winter boots, snow shovels, and fine all the stink bugs and dead flies that have been collecting in the sheds and attics.

But, it can be a time of tranquility too, when the outdoor frisbee golf tournaments are no more, the barbeque pits have been covered up, and the the deck chairs have been securely stored in the garage.

What this changing season means is that its a good opportunity to change up the backgrounds that have been over-used all year. Websites share lots of information and even the products they produce. The one thing you can always be sure of on this website is the exclusivity of these backgrounds. There are just a small handful of them that can be found on other sites.

To make this point even further, computer assisted AI was used to help create these one-of-kind still backgrounds that were created using a unique prompt from Adobe Firefly.  This is a tool that has endless opportunities, and should I dare mention the phrase I hate most, a game-changer.

So, in the spirit of peace and joy, here is a free set of 4 backgrounds that can be used to spruce up your holiday season. Enjoy!