Top 3 Reasons To Use Motion Backgrounds

I get alot of emails and sometimes social media questions asking, “What do you do with motion backgrounds?” So, I thought I would try and shed some light on several uses for these royalty free video loops. If you watch any TV, there are roughly 6-8 commercials in between the segments of a tv show. Now, out of those 6-8 commercials, on average, 3 of those will have motion backgrounds at the end of them to display text, phone numbers, websites, or other discounts and deals. And as we all know, there are hundreds of commercials displayed each hour. Animated video loops simply make the background image more interesting to watch than a still, static image.

Another reason people use motion backgrounds are for internet web bloggers who need modern video loops for their own tv show and vlogs, aka video blogs. Youtube is exploding with channels that review products, highlight songs by writing out their lyrics, highlight reels, and product demos, and also, more commercials.

The third reason people choose to use motion backgrounds is use for the private media producer. Whether it be a church, aspiring young film producer, or the media company that needs to fill a few seconds on a promotional piece. In every place around the world, media is being used to send out messages. And I think we get that message loud and clear. People are drawn to moving backgrounds and using the latest elements such as light bursts, and particle systems, the world of motion backgrounds is always evolving.

Each year the reason to use video changes, but the purpose is always the same: to convey a message, idea, or product.

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