Motion Leaves

Spring is here…finally, and for those of us living in the tropics, it’s same as usual. The weather gets warm, then it cools. The it gets warm, then cools again…kind of like my high school relationships. You never know if you are on the verge of getting dumped.

Anyway, I have several images I shot with a Canon 7D a few days ago and thought I would throw them up here and see if they can help anyone. The world is by no means in a shortage of royalty free stock images, but every once in a while, it is good to mix up your projects with images that thousands of other people aren’t downloading and using as well. Take this one for example. A male model? I think not. That ugly mug is actually myself.


However, I do have 5 or so royalty free stock images that might come in handy.  I am going to put together a motion background using a light burst and particle system to animate dust/pollen particles coming off the yellow budding tree.  I like looking at images and asking myself, “What can this become?”  Usually, a file in my recyclable bin. But there is the rare occasion when something actually turns out the way it was intended and is usable.

So, please enjoy these free downloads, compliments of

Previews Only. Download high resolution images below.

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