Best 20 Places to Download Motion Backgrounds

There are many great website out there to either purchase or download motion backgrounds. Several of the sites offer free video loops, offer paid subscriptions, or pay as you download. No matter the business they have set up, these media websites have done an excellent job in curating a library of motion backgrounds that are useful for any media project or production.

I am the sole owner of this website and while it might seem contrary to write an article about all the other sites that are competing with me, I don’t see it that way. While I deeply appreciate every sale that comes in, the greater contentment comes from knowing that I was able to create and deliver a media product that someone was looking for.

There are hundreds of websites selling digital media, so I’ve narrowed it down to the top 20 best sites for motion backgrounds and video loops. In my various jobs as either media director or production manager for churches and camps, I have purchased many files from these sites for my projects and live productions. Obviously, none of their content is on this site as I have created each background you find on here from scratch and with my own software and equipment.

1. Motion Backgrounds
2. Motion Worship
3. Church Motion Graphics
4. Creation Swap
5. Worship House Media
6. Centerline New Media
7. Free Worship Loops
8. Ignite Motion
9. Igniter Media
10. Sermon Spice
11. New Worship Media
12. Share Faith
13. Shift Worship
14. Free Worship Backgrounds
15. Motion Loops
16. Pond5
17. Motion Backgrounds For Free
18. Video Blocks
19. Free Motion Backgrounds
20. Down Loops

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