How To Download Motion Backgrounds On YouTube

Downloading motion backgrounds on YouTube can be a great way to add to your personal stock library, granted that those videos are royalty free or have all permissions granted to them.  One of the questions that I have been receiving on YouTube is, “how do I download motion backgrounds on YouTube?”  I’ll show you several ways to accomplish this.

Not every moving background website has downloadable files hosted with it for easy downloading. On our website, downloading free motion backgrounds is as simple as clicking the download button for that background.  However, if you are on YouTube and want to download a video on there site, there is no simple download buttons, but it can still be very simple using one of several methods.

1. is rapidly becoming a go-to website for downloading these videos.  Simple copy the video URL of the video you are wanting to download into the URL insert box on their site. When you click download, several format options appear ranging from super low to hd mp4s. What is important to realize is that you can only download the highest quality originally uploaded on YouTube.  The hd mp4 is typically the highest quality.

2.  Http:// is another popular video downloader  It has all the same options does but through my experiences, has cooperated better with multiple browsers and with less hassle than with, which occasionally needs to have Java/scripts enabled.

3. Http:// is the final website we recommend for downloading.  It has many of the same attributes of the other two websites, so there is no need to go into further detail.

There are many ways to download not only Youtube videos, but also Daily Motion, Vimeo, and a whole list of other videos.  Not all websites support downloading of each other’s content.  That is why it’s good to have a couple websites in your back pocket that you can go to when you are ready to download online videos.  Once again, if you want to for-go all the hassle in downloading through one of the websites listed above, visit our free motion background download page.

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