Guide To Rocking Social Media

Everyone needs a guide to rocking social media, but do we want to spend hours researching for tips tricks on how to do it? Not really. has put together a great resource in which we are going highlight some of the main ideas for three of the largest social media networks: Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Tips For Rocking Facebook:
1. To achieve a higher percentage of “likes” use posts that are either very short, or very long.
2. Write posts that are within 400 and 500 characters, because these posts receive the most shares.
3. Be personal with your posts using first person pronouns, such as “I” and “me”.
4. Despite popular opinion on photo shares, text updates receive more shares.

Tips For Rocking Pinterest:
1. Pinterest descriptions that are approximately 200 characters long have a higher change of being repinned.
2. Certain key words such as “quotes”, “products”, and “ideas” are repinned the most.
3. Content with more “likes” gets repinned more than content with lots of comments.

Tips For Rocking Twitter:
1. Twitter “tweets” that are 120-130 characters long receive more attention and click throughs.
2. Actions verbs tend to receive more attention than nouns.
3. Tweets using action verbs such as “please”, “check”, and “via” have higher click rates.
4. If you are promoting a link in your tweet, place the link 25% of the way through your tweet for best results.

It’s always the little things that matter most when it comes to social media. Take time to write your posts, tweets, and pins, using proper descriptions, and planning where to drop links.  They make all the difference in determining if you will be successful with your social marketing.


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