Using Motion Backgrounds

A question I often get presented with when I tell them I distribute motion backgrounds is, “What do you do with motion backgrounds?” Unbeknownst to them, motion backgrounds are used in almost every tv commercial. If you tune out the audio and the theme of the commercial and simply watch the backgrounds used, it is incredible to see how many different video loops and backgrounds are used to compile these ads.

Walmart, BestBuy, and Verizon, all have different color motion backgrounds at the end of their commercials when they bring up their text, plans, or contact info. If the big companies are using these backgrounds every day, you can be sure it works.

I was working on a video this past week for Christmas Eve and I needed several space motion backgrounds. I downloaded the Planet Earth motion background package and bought a few stock video clips from Pond5 and Lightstock. Combining the power of these video clips, it produced a very nice visual for the prologue sound track. With the advanced Creative Cloud mask editing capabilities in Adobe Premiere, I was able to mask out some of the video and incorporate a beautiful collage of space footage with stock footage. The end result worked great and the client was pleased.

Start building your inventory of motion backgrounds so that when a company presents itself to you with a project, you have all the tools and resources available to deliver. A good place to start is by downloading our free motion backgrounds. Have a Merry Christmas and look forward to an another amazing year of motion background building this coming 2015.

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