Motion Background Used as Album Cover

When you think of motion backgrounds, or free video loops, you probably think of using them in projects such as webshows, live productions, commercials, school videos, worship backgrounds, and many other ways. Most likely a new album cover never crossed your mind.

That is exactly what Kelli Brogan did. She saw one of the free motion backgrounds on this site and made it the cover of her newest album. Kelli recently won Best Country song for TILL THE END and Best Country Ballad for BUT THAT WAS YESTERDAY on the Akademia Independent Music Awards.  She has done a number of radio Interviews in the USA and featured on a number of blogs and internet magazines.  We wish her the best of luck with her new album!

One of the neat benefits to having everything royalty free is that you can purchase any of our premium backgrounds, or download a free one and use it for whatever you want to with no strings attached. With hundreds of downloads everyday, help make our site the premium shopping center for royalty free motion backgrounds.

It’s always neat to see how the motion backgrounds are used from this site. We have people all over the world including bands from the US, Russia, Sweden, and many other places purchase our backgrounds for their concerts alone. If you have a creative way in which you were able to use one of our backgrounds, we would love to see it. Send us an email and get the chance to have your new product get featured.



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