Recreating Frozen

The movie Frozen is a Disney animated video that has absolutely captivated the hearts and minds of millions of people around world as its sound tracks and story lines strike similar chords as people relate to the movie. Produced for children, this movie has transcended its target audience and is now beloved by adults, college students as well as children.

The imagery is so stunning and well done that you can help but be drawn into the story as the characters change dynamically and the scenery overwhelms you with the beauty of nature, snow, winter, and the frozen landscapes. That inspired this high definition wintry motion background.

In addition to the several seasonal motion backgrounds, we are including the project files that these backgrounds were created with. There is an Illustrator file that has a vectored snowflake illustration that is completely royalty free. There is also a Photoshop file with all the layers so you can create your own version. Finally, we included the After Effects file with the animated backgrounds and particle systems. It does require the third party AE plugin Trapcode Particular. And for good measure, there is also a high resolution image as well.

The next time you are watching the movie Frozen, you will think, “Wow, look at the motion backgrounds used in that movie. We should buy one similar to that.” And then you will come to our site, and just download all the free backgrounds. Oh! That was cold! In all seriousness, enjoy these project files and keep checking back we keeping adding more video loops each week.

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