Next Generation Video Production – Sky Jib

Recently I had the privilege to observe the future of video production, the Sky Jib.  A growing trend these days is remote control video helicopters that shoot high definition quality video footage.  Bringing a brand new cutting edge technological advancement, the Skyjib is the open road to unlimited angles, shots, and motion.

Jimmy Jibs and cranes are still very popular in today’s Hollywood film productions, but the cost and time to move these large pieces of equipment can be more of a hassle and a time factor.  Instead of taking several hours to set up for a single shot, the Skyjib makes it possible to drop in some batteries, and within minutes, be up and running, collecting amazing shots from hundreds of feet in the air.

Another huge benefit is the cost associated with it.  I used to look at the jib pricing and think that it would cost over 16K to be able to reach Hollywood quality production shots.  That is simple not the case anymore.  With the intervention of video mode in the DSLR cameras, the quality of the video taken today is rivaling major production companies.  Even more so, with the Skyjibs starting from less than two hundred dollars and up, mount a HD Hero3 Go Pro on it, and you are good to go shooting glorious motion shots over oceans, trees, mountains, anywhere.  The sky is literally the limit.

The future of video is light weight high quality camera equipment, and the Skyjiib will be increasingly a larger part of production units in today’s film markets.  It is paving the way for more professional productions on all levels of videographers.

A great place to buy video remote controlled helicopters for a great price is  Check out their models.  I would love to buy several of their models and test out their extreme capabilities.



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