3 Free Particle Puffs

One of our motion background packages was called Real Particles. This motion background packages featured video clips of dust scattered in the air and then recording the effect of light and wind to make some very interesting effects.  We chose the best video clips to put into the package and had a few extras we didn’t know what to do with.

So, like any good natured stock video website, lets give them away for free.  These 3 particle puffs were short bursts of particles that were sifted through the air.  Each clip is only a few seconds long, but is able to create a unique video effect.  If you import these clips into any basic video editing software program, such as Adobe Premiere, then by apply a slight RGB curves adjustment, or even a Procamp adjustment, you can completely change the color scheme of these particles to create a beautiful blend of light with all organic elements.

Finally, if you are working in a program that allows you to blend multiple video tracks together, put one particle in one layer and in the other layer apply the second particle puff.  In the video clip options, find where it says opacity and change the blending mode from normal to Overlay.  This will blend multiple tracks together creating another great motion background particle puff.

In this free download, there are 3 free particle puffs:  Total Package Size: 55MB

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