Fall Season Products

We are nearly half way through fall and if you haven’t explored our new selection of autumn motion backgrounds, then take a quick peak at them here and see if you find anything you like. Most of the fall backgrounds are brand new this year and we will constantly be adding more.

One of the most convenient and cost effective ways of making backgrounds without manually building leaves in Illustrator is to visit a craft store and see what decorations they sell. I found a simple strand of fall leaves and with that, hung it up on my wall, took a few pictures, and hammered out a few new autumn motion backgrounds. It didn’t take much work, but it takes some creativity to walk down a store aisle, and have a vision for what you can create.

Great stores to get ideas from are Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, and other small craft stores. They sell unique items that can make great pictures, or add to a scene. It does take a little work thinking of an idea, buying a few items, and then producing the background, but it is neat to see the end product. Creativity is always being challenged when you are out of fresh ideas. I do design work for a living and produce these backgrounds as a side business. Whenever I get stuck and can’t come up with an idea for a design, I take a short break, walk outside the building, look for one or two shapes, and find something that gives inspiration. Craft stores explode my mind with creativity every time I walk into one. It’s a great place to start.

Check back for more Christmas motion backgrounds getting ready to be posted soon. The season is just getting going and we are rolling out new products weekly!!

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