How to Change Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

It has taken us absolutely no time at all to familiarize ourselves with the world of online video calls. It seems that there are dozens of platforms that instantly popped up over night when addressing communication problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the more tech save people, this wasn’t a hard adaptation, but merely took a few minutes to download the Zoom software and install it. For others, this should their worlds to their core and it’s an ongoing nightmare.

To get to the point, if you are doing zoom calls and are getting tired of the same old backdrop, whether that be in your parents basement, a white kitchen wall, or the crooked picture in your bedroom, changing up the background can be a nice breathe of fresh air. Jason Johnston has done a good job at walking someone through the steps. He made one critical error and that was selecting backgrounds from Pixabay, instead of, however, it was certainly good enough to be a huge help to those that need it.

3 Tips for Filming On A Construction Site

Filming on a construction site is much different than showing up on a film set. For one, the “set” isn’t completely built yet. It is still being constructed. So what are a few practical tips when showing up for a film shoot and you are needing to dodge cranes, dump trucks, front end loaders, fork lifts, dust swirls, and of course, lots of noise.

Communicate With The Foreman

For the lay person, they don’t have a massive team who does the communication for you, so it is imperative that when you first arrive on the scene, talk to the foreman and check in. Be sure you have introduced yourself, explain why you are there, how long you are going to stay and what sections of the construction site you will be shooting in. It puts the site managers at ease knowing a little information about the filming that is going to take place.

Bring Your Own Hard Hat and Work Boots

Construction sites require a hard hat, so don’t expect them to hand you one when you show up. They don’t cost much and it shows that you put a little preparation into your shoot before you got there. Adjust the hat so it fits on your head snugly, have your gear in a shoulder bag strap so you can move quickly, and I also highly recommend having your camera out and on a tripod for ease of access. Also, sites like these can be dirty, wet, and bumpy. Wear shoes that can get muddy, scuffed up, and allow you to focus more on what is being filmed, rather than how the shoes are devaluating.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Videographers tend to focus on only what they are seeing through the lens of their camera. Typically, that is good enough. Not here. There large vehicles moving, cranes moving large concrete blocks, people moving gear, and of course the random chance of someone not seeing you are there. It is important you know what is happening around you. Look through your lens and then look around you to be sure safety is not compromised.

Move through the hallways and look up, left and right, and behind you to see what is happening when you enter a new building or room. Do not count on them seeing you, or caring about your gear. I have witnessed gear getting destroyed because the film maker didn’t think to move it a safer spot. Don’t assume anything. Be responsible for your gear and your safety. Finally, grab your shots and get out. Don’t hang out and small talk to the workers. They want to focus on their jobs just as you should focus on yours.

There you have it.  A few tips for filming on a construction site.


How To Get A Moving Background On Power Point

There are hundreds of different ways motion backgrounds can be used, but one of the most common is in power point presentations. So, this begs the question, how exactly does a motion background get added to a power point presentation. The process is simple and with just a few clicks, it can be done with ease.

To start the process, open Microsoft Power Point and add a new slide.

Next, navigate over to the menu and click on Video. A drop down menu with two options will appear.

Select the “Video From my PC” option. This will open a dialogue box from where the video can be navigated to, in order to be selected.

The motion background is inherently added to the presentation in the top left corner of the slide, but it doesn’t cover the whole slide.

To fix this, click the video and grab the bottom right corner. The video will scale proportionately and with the left mouse button held down, drag the video until it fills the whole slide.

Essentially, that is all there is to adding a motion background to a power point presentation, but there are also a few best practices to keep in mind.

  1. If you want to set the video to auto play when the slide is clicked on, be sure to check the setting of the video by right-clicking the video slide. It can be set to manual or automatic.
  2. If you are going to have text on top of your animated background, be sure to choose a text color that compliments not only the background, but is also visible and easy to read.
  3. Finally, be sure to save your motion background in the same folder as your powerpoint presentation to be sure it stays connected. If you upload your presentation and email without attaching the video, it will have a broken connection. Zip up both the presentation and all the video files by selecting them all and then sending them to a new zip folder.


Why Is Utilizing Video Important?

There was a time not too long ago when people asked each other, “what’s an email address, and who really needs one.”  As technology progressed, those questions have been slowly revolutionizing our daily lives in ways that quite dramatic. Similar to the communication aspect of digital media, video has been in the forefront of being a number one provider of both communication and entertainment. It is impossible to deny the fact that video creates powerful emotion and can be done so in a very short time.

Youtube Video Usage Statistics

We are living in the age of video, not just technology. The amount of video being consumed each day is more than the video that been recorded in all of history, or at least since Philo T. Pharnsworth invented the first few little scanlines on a screen. Take a look at these statistic below to get in idea of just how much content is being watching and consumed each day. Youtube grasped the importance of video very early on, and now it has premiered as the second largest search engine in the world.

With video heading in the direction it is, it is also important to be working with the right video. If you are a media producer and need more lyric video backgrounds, you will find exactly what you are looking for in our motion background library collection. With nearly 1100 different motion backgrounds available, there is no excuse to not get on board producing good videos. Let us help you with your projects and help you leave maximum impact for your cause.

Are Subtle Movements The New Trend?

Early Years Of Worship Motion Backgrounds

For almost two decades, maybe even longer for those people that jumped on the video bandwagon shortly after their compact projector bulbs burned out, motion backgrounds have steadily become more complex, dynamic, and creative. From light bursting from the top, then all sides, then the middle, to particles going one way, then another way, then swirling, then came the whole geometric shape transition with its triangles, squares, reverse angles, and hexagons, animated loops have been reworked to the point to which people have nearly seen it all.  If there is one industry that has unlimited options, yet somehow manages to make everything look similar in one way or another, it would be the motion background world.

For many years, as technology was starting to emerge, new features were added to computers, cameras, and visual presentations, prompting the the content creators to start incorporating this into their presentation and productions. If a new feature was added, it must be used. Thus the say, “more is always better” became the trend in the early 2000’s especially in the church and live production arena. At the same time,  there was attention span concerns and by using flashy graphics, it was one way to keep the audience engaged a little loner before eventually drifting out. So why, after all these years, are certain trends starting to emerge?

Evolving Trends in Worship Motion Backgrounds

Well, it could be because some of the backgrounds were hurting peoples eyes when staring at them too long, or it could be because some content creators used no self control with their .5 second particle burst and you felt like you were traveling through space at mach 5 on a Sunday morning during worship. Either way, video background started to evolve into more refined background that were less distracting. Today, the focus has slowly shifted back to the message of the content, and not so much the delivery of the content. While both are important, if people tune out the message before full digesting it, you’ve already lost them.

Many of the new backgrounds that are being used feature very subtle motion, with fewer particles, less flashing light bursts, almost to the point to where it’s hard to tell what is actually moving. For some backgrounds, it’s a still picture with a small beam of light that is shining from a lantern, or some other vessel that could output light. Abstract backgrounds haven’t completely been driven of the map in the worship arena, but may have taken a back seat to some of the more organic and real backgrounds. Slow moving glitter through water, high fps clips of colorful smoke slowed down to where it barely can tell its moving. Fractal Noise makes an entrance again due to its ability to change the setting through a slow evolutionary process. Now that is evolution that actually does exist.

In summary, yes, there are certainly uses for all types of motion backgrounds today. Concerts and commercials still need the flashy up-tempo looks and sports games still use them to overlay their graphics. But the interesting thing is that the old phrase “less is more” is once again coming back and sometime, the backgrounds that move people’s emotions the most, are the ones that barely move.

Superbowl 53 Commercial – The Twilight Zone

If there was something memorable about Superbowl 53, it definitely wasn’t the match up between the Los Angeles Rams, and the Boston Patriots. Mid-way through the 4th quarter, the Patriots scored there first touchdown and the audience re-awoke from their deep sleep. The only life-saving parts of the games were the 3 minute intermissions when media time outs were taken for commercial breaks.

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The Worlds Best Preview Uses Motion Backgrounds

After the Superbowl LIII broadcast on CBS this year, there is a new show called The Worlds Best. Similar to America’s Got Talent, Britain Gots Talent, or a host of other shows that highlight how awesome people are, The Worlds Best is the culmination of those shows scraping off the cream of the crop and producing  a two hour show that highlights the best in the world.

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When On Vacation, Be On Vacation

Why is it important to take breaks during the day? Your brain gets tired of staring at the screen and requires short recharges. Taking a few minutes per hour to look out a window, get a drink, or talk to a co-worker is all it takes to be able to refocus and allow your brain to rest and settle. When color editing, it is always surprising how when I have been color editing for multiple hours, I feel like my work looks good. After coming back from a short time out, I watch the video and wonder if someone was playing a practical joke on me with the colors.

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