Reviewing The Sony A7s II

We all know the importance of using a good camera. When the right moment comes, you need a camera that is reliable, high quality, and going to be something that you are proud of. The Sony A7s II fits this bill. If you can afford this camera, coming in at just under $3000, this full frame camera is going to deliver a powerful image. With 12.2 megapixel images, and BIONZ X Image Processor, the images this camera produces are maintain crispness, as well as detail.

Unlike its predecessor, the A7s, this newer upgrade does internal 4k video recording at 24 fps with higher frame rates for regular hd. This is huge when wanting to combine the power of its 7 built in picture profiles along with unbelievable ISO range. Granted, it’s best not taking pictures at 409,600 ISO, but, having the capability to do so, makes you want to take pictures in near darkness to push the limits.

Another new feature is the ability to shoot slow motion without losing quality. In full 1920X1080 resolution, you can capture video at 120 frames per second. The body of the camera is sturdy, well designed and very easy to adjust shutter speed, ISO, and aperture all within a few seconds. Also, it includes all the standard features such as HDMI out, a 3.5mm audio in jack, built in microphone, headphone audio output, and the ability to set up external gear for taking pictures.

There are two negatives that I see that are important to point out. The first is the high price point. It’s a great mirror less camera, but lets face it, its still just an upgraded DSLR. For nearly $3000, you are now entering the range of some of the lower end video cameras such as the SONY FS700 and GH4. The other negative is its struggling ability to be able to auto focus. It is slow, clumsy and never focuses on the object you are looking at. Be prepared to spend 10 seconds waiting for the camera to focus as it shifts back and forth.

What I found to work best was to turn on focus assistant, (which shows red dots on the screen on what you are focused on), and then to manually set your focus. That seems to be quicker. All in all its a fun camera, beautiful image quality, and a trustworthy brand. To find a detailed review on all the specifications, check the A7s II out here.

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