Odyssey 7Q+ 4k Video Recorder and Monitor

Though it’s not the newest piece of gear on the market, it’s solid, and it is reliable. The Odyssey 7Q+ is an industry standard 4K video recorder and monitor that has been used by professional film makers for several years. Toted as the best ProRes and Raw video recorder on the market, the Odyssey 7Q+ is a feature rich professional recording monitor. Some of the most notable features are the multiple SDI inputs, HDMI inputs, and the HDMI and SDI outputs, allowing it to connect quickly to different cameras and devices.

It is capable of recording in HD, 2K, UHD, and 4K resolutions. While the ability to record in RAW requires a special bundle package upgrade, it is well worth the few hundred dollars to activate the feature and have the extended depth of resolution and options. The Odyssey will set you back a few thousand dollars, regardless of whether you choose to purchase the upgraded codecs and features, but it is highly worth the cost. With the ability to change and adapt to most camera formats, you can select the camera and resolution you are shooting with and set that in the Odyssey, so it all syncs up nicely. Once minor setback was that in order to record in the Sony 4K Raw setting, it requires the original camera to output in SLOG 2 or REC 709 video format.

The playback feature is really handy for instant review of the footage you shot. Switching modes takes only a few seconds and easy navigation menus help make it versatile on and off the field. Samsung 850 EVO is a great choice when selecting the SSD for recording to. Refer to Convergent Design’s official list of providers to be sure its compatible.

While the Odyssey 7Q+ is pricy and has a slight learning curve in order to figure out the settings, I can say from experience, it’s worth it, and they have excellent tech support and tutorials. So whether you are looking for a video monitor or a recording, this does both, and always delivers a solid picture.



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