New TV Series Rising Star

The new ABC TV series Rising Star is taking TV to a whole new level by introducing live audience appeal to direct the flow of its programming. This has never been done before, except for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, when the contestant asks for the audience help. This new singing competition is similar to The Voice and other talent shows, but unique in the fact that there is no waiting for results. The results of who wins and loses is instantaneous. Josh Groban, Kesha and Brad Paisley will be hosting the new show.

On the backdrop set, there is a giant wall featuring an incredible video wall. For brief moments, this video wall displays a motion background with golden particles and multiple golden light bursts. It will be interesting to see the ratings of the show, but regardless, the motion backgrounds, the lights, cameras, and talent is always fun entertainment. We created a similar motion background like the one you will be seeing on the show. This Rising Star motion background is a free video loop download so enjoy the show and enjoy this free motion loop.

If you have seen a TV show, commercial, or even a personal project that highlights a creative use of a motion background, leave us a comment, or email us and we will consider posting it on our site. This is a creative community and the best ideas often come from the synergy of each other.

Download this FREE VIDEO LOOP here:

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