Church Stage Designs

Church stage designs didn’t always start out with multi-million dollar video walls, 4K Black Magic ATEM video switchers and million dollar audio consoles. Instead you simply had a choir loft, several hanging can lights, and a large podium with a single microphone that always got bumped every time the pastor opened his Bible or got too into his message.

Yes, those were the days I remember well as a kid. However, fast forward two decades and the world of church stage design has drastically changed. One of the reasons I started creating motion backgrounds was from the heavy use of them in church services. Nearly all modern auditoriums and worship centers have some sort of center projection screen or video wall from which they can display video. A practical use of these screens is for having lyrics to songs, announcements, or for image magnification (IMAG).

Take a look at these four church stage designs and see if you can find the common factor in all three. It is rather obvious to see that video is rapidly leading the way in how media is distributed. That is why the high quality royalty free motion backgrounds I sell and give away for free are so vital to keeping a churches media inventory fresh. People get tired of seeing the same old backgrounds week after week and with the seasons always changing, so do the motion backgrounds and video loops they display.




So, no matter where on the continuum your church might be, it doesn’t take millions of dollars of equipment to look like the big churches. Alot of the look and feel of your services can come from the media you put on display. Choose good high quality media and it will surely stand out. If you are looking for other great church stage design ideas, visit

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