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Creating Motion Backgrounds Video Blog

Using Mavic Pro 2 To Create Motion Backgrounds | EP 9

When it’s winter out and all the color of spring, summer and fall has faded, the earth in the northern hemisphere turns a bleak, desaturated brown.

Optics Compensation and Saber in After Effects | EP 8

In this episode of Motionbolt.com, we take a look at 5 incredible motion background After Effects templates and dive deeper into the plugins that make the magic.

Using Audio Spectrum in After Effects | EP 7

In this motionbolt.com motion background episode, several adobe after effects plugins get examined, including Optical Flares, Radio Waves, Audio Spectrum, and Turbulent Displace.

4K & HD Motion Backgrounds

What is a motion background?

Motion Backgrounds are modern ways of adding excitement behind text or graphics to create movement.

Where can I get moving backgrounds?

Motionbolt.com has thousands of free motion backgrounds and video loops that are completely royalty free and ready to download for free.

How do I make a motion background?

Motion Backgrounds can be made using any program that accepts a video file. Anything can be used as a background, so simply grab a few seconds of video, or get more creative by using Adobe After Effects, or another video editing software program.

How do you add a background to presentation software?

The standard format for motion backgrounds is Mp4, so any presentation software that accepts that format will import these types of backgrounds. Motionbolt.com strictly uses Mp4 codecs to make sure all the motion backgrounds are compatible with the latest presentation software.