9 Free Stock Images

Free stock images are always great. Having 9 free images out of the same image is even better. Using simpler photoshop editing programs, it is easier to take an image, change a few things and create several more images from the same original. Each one of these pictures could be turned into a great motion background by adding some fractal noise, particle systems, or a lens flair. We often get caught up in the habit of creating something from nothing every time we begin a project.

There are hundreds of variations that can be extrapolated from a single image. The stock photo below is a picture that I took myself. It’s of a beach. Nothing to extraordinary about it. However, using a google apps program called Pixlr Express, a free program, with a few clicks we turned one decent photo into 9 other attractive backgrounds that can be used for unlimited variations for future motion backgrounds. The point is, if you have something to start to with, don’t forget to look to see what other avenues are available using that one graphic. There’s alot more that can be done with this image than a single background.

Below, is gallery of the variations that are able to be downloaded. The previews on the site are 700X500, but the downloads contain much higher resolutions of the same images. Download these FREE STOCK IMAGES and use them for your projects. We always appreciate feedback or backlink credit, so if should choose to, attach our website to the post or video credit so others can find us and enjoy the free media downloads as well. Have a great memorial day weekend.

Download these 9 free stock images here

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