Introducing a cool background package set called Turbulent Displace.  What that means in a nutshell, is that each of the seven of these motion backgrounds was created from a single still image, that has been twisted and distorted to give it a motion appearance.  It takes on the character of liquid or jello effect.  Very smooth and seamless.  These motion backgrounds are different in the way that it displaced parts of the image and stretches and retracts it in order to record movement.

One of the many options these motion backgrounds can be use for is a set of video filters.  If you are  using a program in which blending modes for videos layers can be accessed, simply drag and drop one of these great hd motion background video loops into your timeline and blend it into your footage, give it a new look, color temperature, and a very slight movement.

This package includes:
– 7 HD Motion Backgrounds
– 1920X1080 Resolution
– H.264/MP4 formatting
– 60 second clips each
– Completely Seamless

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