Summer Grass – How It was Made

Most of the time when people review how they produced a video, they start with a giant list of problems they ran into, and how they used their ingenuity to solve them.  It’s smart to skip over the first 5 minutes of any behind the scenes video.  Thankfully, there are no unique problems that were encountered on this video shoot. Starting with a good location was key, and taking full advantage of the golden hour lighting, it was the easiest video shoot so far.

Using a Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6K Pro, there were several scenes that were pre-planned. Knowing it would be slightly windy, the decision to go with 60fps was easy, so the clips could be slowed down by 50% in post production. Nearly 10 different shots were selected and using all different angles of the wavy grass and open fields. Basically, using only one camera and Vinton Tripod along with a 24-70 Canon lens, these three components created beautiful imagery that made post production really fun.

Taking each clip and animating some particles and lens flair created the extra movement in the shot. Finally, it took several hours to export and then got everything uploaded. Take a look at the finished product and and download these free realistic summer grass motion backgrounds here.



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