Real Particles Motion Background Package is a set of motion backgrounds that were not created in After Effect, but were however, produced using real particles. Taking a Canon EOS 7D and setting it up in a green room, we displaced some flour in the air and shining a key light on the flour in the dark room aloud us to create these amazing particle loops.

In this motion background package are 6 video loops. Two different particle backgrounds, 2 bokeh backgrounds, and 2 neutral backgrounds. The great thing about these unique motion backgrounds is their ability to change their color so easily. Simply add a hue adjustment to the video and make it any color you want. Even blend multiple backgrounds together to create a stunning mix of color and flair.

If you are looking for particle background that consider air movement and more of a natural flow of particles through the air, these royalty free motion backgrounds might be just what you are looking for.

This package includes 6 HD Motion Backgrounds:
– 1920X1080 Resolution
– H.264/MP4 formatting
– 30 second clips each

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