Candlelit Night Motion Background Package

Completely royalty free, this beautiful set of 12 candlight motion backgrounds comes ready in both 4K resolution and HD. With 100 candles creating different artist layouts, these backgrounds are perfect for setting the stage for any type of use. Enjoy the peaceful look that these motion backgrounds bring as the candle light slowly flickers, with […]

Filming At Night

Shooting video at night can be challenging, but if you follow a few basic principles, not only will your footage turn out better, you can have more confidence to use all hours of the day to your advantage, rather than just when the sun is up. The word photo, means “light”. When the sun goes down, the atmospheric light changes, and eventually draws to a close. So what are some options for counteracting that drastic light difference?

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Spectacular At Night

Cradle At Night

Cross At Night

That Night

That Night