Motion Background Used as Album Cover

When you think of motion backgrounds, or free video loops, you probably think of using them in projects such as webshows, live productions, commercials, school videos, worship backgrounds, and many other ways. Most likely a new album cover never crossed your mind.

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Using Motion Backgrounds

A question I often get presented with when I tell them I distribute motion backgrounds is, “What do you do with motion backgrounds?” Unbeknownst to them, motion backgrounds are used in almost every tv commercial. If you tune out the audio and the theme of the commercial and simply watch the backgrounds used, it is incredible to see how many different video loops and backgrounds are used to compile these ads.

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Christmas Production Intro Loop

Recently I was working on a Christmas production for a church and I decided to use one of my own motion backgrounds for the title. The title was Journey to the Manger, so I picked out one of my most recent Christmas motion backgrounds, Cradle at Night, and decided to build the intro in After Effects.

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