Shooting Professional Aerial Video

With the onslaught of access to drones in the past few years, it is easy to find aerial footage of nearly anything imaginable. With aerial drones as cheap as a few hundred dollars, for instance, the new DJI Spark, or even the Mavic Pro, 4k, hd, and high quality images are as simple as a push of a button, or simpler due to the Spark’s new features that uses hand motions to take pictures. With the innovative technology comes the skilled and the unskilled videographer trying out their skills in the skies.

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Drones Can Fly Commercially

The Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration announced major changes to drone regulation, including commercial use of aerial footage. This is been long forth coming as we have been waiting for permission to use this new technology for business purposes. The FAA originally required all drone operators to obtain a pilot’s license at it’s lowest, legal level. The new rules take effect in August following a lengthy battle between UAS operators and regulators.

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