Motion Sky

Need An Emergency Motion Background?

Amazing motion backgrounds can sometimes be found in the most random of places. I was recently walking down the street and encountered some emergency vehicles passing out candy for Halloween. As always, I had my camera with me and decided to capture a few seconds of a nice bokeh background effect.

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Where To Buy Motion Backgrounds

Where to buy royalty free motion backgrounds is a question that many people ask themselves when looking for high quality video loops. When searching for high quality motion backgrounds, it can be hard to know which sites to look at, what resolutions they offer, and if they are being sold a good price. Some of the sites use the credit system, which you buy credits and certain videos, depending on their resolution size, sell for a certain number of credits. Other sites, such as our site,, keeps it simple with direct sell/download links. Don’t get fooled into buying a background that is way more expensive than it should be.

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