Using Mavic Pro 2 To Create Motion Backgrounds | EP 9

When it’s winter out and all the color of spring, summer and fall has faded, the earth in the northern hemisphere turns a bleak, desaturated brown.

Optics Compensation and Saber in After Effects | EP 8

In this episode of, we take a look at 5 incredible motion background After Effects templates and dive deeper into the plugins that make the magic.

Using Audio Spectrum in After Effects | EP 7

In this motion background episode, several adobe after effects plugins get examined, including Optical Flares, Radio Waves, Audio Spectrum, and Turbulent Displace.

Creating Motion Backgrounds in After Effects |EP 6

In this motion bolt video episode, we take a quick look behind the scenes on a the last 4 Christmas motion backgrounds, and how they were designed. Using After Effects and a few resources laying around, it is possible to make really cool backgrounds with everyday items.

Winter Forest Tutorial

In this After Effects Tutorial, a summer picture is taken and through hue/saturation, adjustment layers, curves, and other tools, is transformed into a winter motion background.

Creating Smoke and Diamond Free Motion Background

Motion Backgrounds brings you another great after effects tutorial featuring a brand new free motion background. In this adobe after effects tutorial, the Red Giant plugin Trapcode Particular is used to create this free animated background.
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Using Radio Waves in After Effects

Motion Backgrounds launched its very first adobe after effects tutorial. In this tutorial, a free motion background is created using a popular plugin called Radio Waves. Radio Waves is a very dynamic plugin that has unlimited options for creating unique backgrounds.

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Trapcode Particular After Effects Tutorial

Adobe After Effects is a powerful program that has unlimited opportunities. While doesn’t and won’t ever specialize in creating tutorials, we want to show you a few behind the scenes of how we make our backgrounds, and hopefully inspire you with a few ideas that we have learned over the years.

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