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Motion Leaves

Spring is here…finally, and for those of us living in the tropics, it’s same as usual. The weather gets warm, then it cools. The it gets warm, then cools again…kind of like my high school relationships. You never know if you are on the verge of getting dumped.

LG G3 Laser Auto Focus – The Perfect Phone With The Best Camera

I will sometimes watch TV and see a neat commercial and see a creative motion background attached to it. An LG commercial recently caught my attention and I decided to try and replicate the space motion background that was used in it. Here is the commercial with their motion background, and below it is a […]

Flying The DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter

My friend and I recently got some new toys. I bought the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition, and my friend got the DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter. We decided to put these new cameras to work and the outcome was absolutely incredible. I will do another post later on about the footage from the GoPro Hero […]

Best 20 Places to Download Motion Backgrounds

There are many great website out there to either purchase or download motion backgrounds. Several of the sites offer free video loops, offer paid subscriptions, or pay as you download. No matter the business they have set up, these media websites have done an excellent job in curating a library of motion backgrounds that are […]

Colors Can Influence the Success of Your Designs

It is very essential for a graphic designer to understand the importance and psychology of colors as they are very crucial in designing graphics. While designing graphics for your business, it is important to comprehend the association with different colors and the color moods as it is essential to understand the way in which people […]

Church Stage Designs

Church stage designs didn’t always start out with multi-million dollar video walls, 4K Black Magic ATEM video switchers and million dollar audio consoles. Instead you simply had a choir loft, several hanging can lights, and a large podium with a single microphone that always got bumped every time the pastor opened his Bible or got […]

How To Become More Creative While Designing Graphics

Graphic designing is a field that is changing very quickly in every aspect, and it is very important for a graphic designer to learn new technical skills as well as concentrate on improving creativity. You can use some useful graphic design tips to manage your workflow and introduce more creativity into your work as graphic […]

Using Motion Backgrounds

A question I often get presented with when I tell them I distribute motion backgrounds is, “What do you do with motion backgrounds?” Unbeknownst to them, motion backgrounds are used in almost every tv commercial. If you tune out the audio and the theme of the commercial and simply watch the backgrounds used, it is […]