Welcome to Motionbackgrounds.co support center. Here you can find some basic resources to help answer your questions. If you encounter a problem with any download, or have questions in general, CONTACT us at any time.

General Support:

I have a question about a product or order, who do I contact?
Please CONTACT us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Can your videos be purchased anywhere in the world?
Yes, anywhere where Paypal is accepted.

What File Formats are your videos produced?
The standard H.64 MP4 format.

Are both formats included in each product?
No, please carefully read the product description to determine if the product provides both formats.

Are all the motion backgrounds seamless?
Unfortunately, no. Once again, please carefully read the description to find out if that particular product is seamless.

What resolutions are used for each motion background?
All of our backgrounds 1920X1080, except for our 4K backgrounds, which are  3840X2160.

What are the frame rates of of each video?
All videos are 29.97 frames per second.

How are the products delivered?
Once you find a motion background you want to purchase you have two options. You can either “add to cart”, or “buy now”. Both options eventually lead you to a payment page on a secure Paypal site where you can make the payment, and after the payment is sent, you will automatically be redirected to a download link with links to all the videos you just purchased. In the rare event that your computer malfunctions and the downloads aren’t retrieved, email us immediately, and we will verify the purchase, and resend you the download links.

Will the purchased videos be watermarked?
Of course not. That is only for preview purposes only.

Will the downloaded videos play in my software?
It depends on the software, but most common video players accept H.264 and Quicktime video files. The software usually tells you which video formats it accepts.

What am I allowed to do with your products?
Every single motion background on our site, www.motionbackgrounds.co is completely royalty free and may be used for any commercial product, project, live production, website, or media venue. Reselling or redistributing them freely will end up in copyright infringement and will be pursued. Reselling and redistributing our motion backgrounds is STRICTLY prohibited.

Is the purchase process secured?
All transactions are handled by Paypal using their secure online procedures. Yes, it is very secure. We do not handle anyone’s credit card, or personal information. We receive an email from the buyer (you), letting us know which backgrounds you bought and a transaction ID so we can track purchases and verify details if there are any questions.

Please review our terms of service if you have any questions.  Thanks.